IV Nutrient Therapy For the Hayfever Plague

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IV nutrient therapy can avoid eyes being affected like this by pollen
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IV nutrient therapy for hayfever? It’s definitely worth considering. Because it’s that time of year again! Time to get out in the sun and take part in all the fantastic activities that our Colorado summers have to offer! River rafting. Hiking. Biking. Mountain climbing. Outdoor music and craft festivals. We know how to do it here in Colorado.

It’s such a beautiful time of year with all of the foliage, native grasses, and wildflowers in full glory… but there’s the rub! All that natural beauty comes with one downer… pollen.

If you’re sensitive to certain pollens, you’ve probably learned that it’s best to stay inside when the pollen count is high, but where’s the fun in that?

Are you tired of being on a constant regimen of antihistamines? Have you tried them all, but none of them work? Good news! There’s that other option we mentioned: IV nutrient therapy.

IV Nutrient Therapy for Hayfever

If you suffer from hayfever, you know the symptoms. It’s like you’ve got a never-ending cold – congestion, coughing, sneezing, elevated body temperature, and even itching eyes and skin. It’s no fun, and it totally drags you down. It affects everything you do. For many people with hayfever, participating in outdoor activities during this season is impossible.

Hayfever and seasonal allergies occur when your body decides that pollen is attacking it. It jump-starts your immune system and causes your white blood cells to release histamines.

These histamines are what cause your symptoms. Antihistamines help your body get rid of the histamines, which provides relief from allergy symptoms. But prolonged use of antihistamines results in decreased effectiveness, and sometimes they stop working altogether.

Here’s Why Antihistamines Stop Working

If you have allergies, it usually means that your immune system has fallen out of balance due to internal inflammation and a weak digestive system. This imbalance causes your body to overreact to things like pollen, dander, or dust. Instead of a normal reaction, it treats them like foreign invaders.

Your immune system then sends out a defense team in the form of antibodies that release large amounts of histamine. Histamine increases inflammation, blood flow, and mucous production to remove and block the allergens. Antihistamine medications reduce allergy symptoms because they get rid of histamines. But as you can see, they don’t get to the root of the problem.

Now We’re Going to Get Deep

Internal inflammation (oxidative stress) is a key factor in the development of allergic diseases. You may not know this, but your body uses oxygen to produce energy and fight infections. Pretty cool, right? But if your body doesn’t have enough antioxidants, it becomes unstable and forms free radicals.

You don’t want a lot of free radicals roaming around in your body. They damage cells, proteins, and DNA – which creates a snowball effect. Inflammation increases even more and overwhelms your detoxification pathways. This causes more oxidative stress, which in turn leads to immune system activation and sometimes allergies.

You can see the pattern here, right? We need to break the pattern to decrease the likelihood of the development of allergies and hayfever. IV nutrient therapy for hayfever can do just that.

What is IV Nutrient Therapy?

There’s nothing mysterious about IV nutrient therapy. It’s become one of the most popular ways to boost nutrient levels because it delivers high therapeutic doses of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into your bloodstream. When you supplement with oral supplements, you lose valuable vitamins and minerals during the digestive process. IV therapy delivers into your body 100% of the nutrients your provider packs into the IV bag.

IV Nutrient Therapy has been used to relieve, and even prevent, a variety of symptoms and conditions like

  • Allergies, asthma, and other respiratory issues
  • Migraine headaches and tension headaches
  • Narcotic withdrawal
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Exhaustion
  • Seasonal sicknesses
  • Chronic depression
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Acute or persistent muscle spasms
  • Stubborn wounds, and more

IV Nutrient Therapy Flushes Out Toxins

If you want to stay healthy and kick those allergies, flush out toxins and allergens with IV nutrient therapy!

IV Nutrient Therapy for hayfever uses fluids, vitamins, and minerals to

  • flush out toxins and allergens
  • calm the immune system by reducing oxidative stress in your body and lowering the histamine response

One of the great things about IV nutrient therapy is that your provider can customize the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are in your IV bag.

A Hayfever Cocktail

Customizing the Myers cocktail with a glutathione push is one way to customize IV nutrient therapy for hayfever. The Myers Cocktail formula supports the immune system. It has B-vitamins to increase energy and support brain functions. It also has a substantial dose of vitamin C. Glutathione calms down your immune response and interrupts the inflammatory snowball effect.

Vitamin C

High doses of Vitamin C administered via IV nutrient therapy are incredibly effective in relieving seasonal allergies. Why? Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is an antioxidant that prevents excessive inflammation and oxidative stress. It accomplishes this without reducing the defensive capacity of your immune system.

On the other hand, it’s difficult to consume enough Vitamin C by mouth to neutralize high levels of inflammation while you’re breathing in high levels of pollen. Yet seasonal allergies, in particular, have been linked to reduced blood levels of Vitamin C – and you need that Vitamin C for health.

Glutathione (the Master Antioxidant)

Glutathione is essential to proper immune function. Your body’s cells produce it to combat oxidative stress. Oxidative stress often leads to low glutathione levels and leaves you vulnerable to allergy symptoms. These symptoms tend to happen in your ear, nose, and throat because these are exposed to high levels of oxygen during respiration.

We’re here to help!

We want you to live your best life. Schedule an appointment today, and we’ll get you started on safe and effective IV Nutrient therapy for your hayfever and season allergies. No more sneezing, coughing itchy eyes. No more staying cooped up indoors while everyone else is out playing. We’re here to support you with as many sessions as you need throughout the allergy season!

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IV Nutrient Therapy For the Hayfever Plague
IV nutrient therapy helps to avoid hayfever and other allergies, and is more effective long term than antihistamines