Denver Vein is our sister location, and specializes in all vein removal services. Some of the most common vein removal services are for chest, face, hands, and arms.

Chest and Body Veins

Dilated surface veins may appear after pregnancy, breast surgery, weight gain or injury to surface veins. Although this is not a medical problem these veins can be a cosmetic concern where vein and skin treatment services are sought out. Removal of these veins can be very effectively treated with the use of sclerotherapy and laser therapy.

Facial Veins

Fine red veins or dark blue veins may vary from anywhere on the face and to around the nose and cheeks. These veins can be removed and very effectively treated with the use of sclerotherapy and laser therapy.

Hand and Arm Veins

While protecting your arms and hands from the sun and moisturizing them on a regular basis can offer some rejuvenation benefits, it cannot tackle all of the problems that aid in the aging process.

Your hands can show your age. Hand veins can be effectively treated to give you a more youthful appearance. Laser Genesis Skin Therapy is a technologically advanced way to gain vibrant,healthy-looking skin in your hands and arms.

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Sclerotherapy is a quick painless treatment in which a solution is injected into the abnormal vein, this causes the vein to close off the blood flow. Once the blood flow is closed off the vein collapses and is absorbed by the body. This may be combined with other treatments to produce the best results.

After the procedure patients are encouraged to resume normal activity including walking as it helps increase the blood flow through the other veins.

Benefits of Sclerotherapy

  • Elimination of unsightly spider veins
  • Relief of symptoms
  • Virtually painless, in-office treatment
  • No scarring
  • Does not interfere with normal activities