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If you’re from the Denver area, you’re probably familiar with Dr. Norton. As we grow our EVEXIAS Medical Center Denver practice, we want to make sure all of our patients know they’re getting the best treatment possible!

Denise Norton, MD, FACS, RVT, RPVI has an impressive background and decades of commitment to show for it!

Read on to meet Dr. Norton and learn more about what kind of care you can expect when you visit EVEXIAS Medical Center Denver.

Meet Dr. Denise Norton

Dr. Norton has been a surgeon in Denver since 1989 and specializes in treating vein diseases and working with patients with breast cancer and breast disease, and these fields were just the start for her present interests.

After a decade of treating patients and seeing the devastation that cancer can cause, Dr. Norton realized she wanted to engage and address patients before they reach that point.

Her Personal Journey

While she strives to help patients before they encounter a medical catastrophe, she is well equipped, and not afraid, to help patients on the other side of that journey.

Her medical background and her own personal journey with menopause sparked an interest in alternative wellness options, which led Dr. Norton to EVEXIAS Medical Center Denver.

She wanted a space where she could educate and involve patients in their wellness journey!

Her Desire to Help Others

As a former Breast Surgeon, Dr. Norton is keenly aware of how the loss of hormones affects the quality of life and is excited to share with patients what she’s learned from personal experience and continued training.

After nearly a decade as the medical director at Saint Joseph Hospital Breast Care Center, Dr. Norton retired from Breast Surgery in December 2018.

She focused her efforts on preventative care by partnering with EVEXIAS Medical Centers and Dr. Terri DeNeui to open EVEXIAS Medical Denver.

Her New Approach to Healthcare

She is providing patients with a new approach to healthcare, focusing on balancing hormones. In 2019, Dr. Norton will seek a fellowship in Integrative Healthcare, expanding her horizons even further.

She operates from the philosophy that “knowledge is power” and that’s the foundation of her practice.

Dr. Norton wants to collaborate with patients who are proactive in addressing their health concerns and are seeking the right tools and resources to feel better and improve their life!

Her Outstanding Team

Even though EVEXIAS Medical Center Denver is young, it’s chock full of experience. Apart from Dr. Norton’s extensive background, she proudly works with longstanding employees who have been with her for over a decade, or close to it.

When you come to EVEXIAS Medical Center Denver, you’re truly getting the best care! We’re pleased to offer you a staff full of highly trained experts with a wide range of specializations.

You can meet the rest of our team by checking out their profiles here!

Your Partner in Wellness

Whether you’re looking for regenerative treatments or guidance on balancing your hormones, we have the answers!

Schedule your completely confidential consultation today and get the answers you need to live your best life!

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Get to Know Dr. Norton
When you come to EVEXIAS Medical Center Denver, you're truly getting the best care! We're pleased to offer you a staff full of highly trained experts with a wide range of specializations.