Hormone Memberships at Evexias Denver: How You Benefit

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Are you on a quest to improve your overall health and wellbeing through hormone replacement therapy? Whether you’re a woman dealing with hormonal imbalances or a man seeking vitality and energy, the journey toward hormonal harmony via Evexias Denver’s hormone memberships is a commitment to your health and wellbeing. And despite people’s failures (in general!) to keep to their New Year’s resolutions, this is one that’s worth fighting for!

At Evexias Denver, we deeply understand the significance of this health commitment. That’s why we’ve tailored our hormone membership packages to meet your needs, ensuring a personalized and continuous approach to hormone therapy. Let’s dive into:

  • our annual and monthly memberships
  • membership packages for women
  • membership packages for men
  • our comprehensive approach to hormone therapy

Annual vs. Monthly: Flexibility to Suit Your Lifestyle

We offer a variety of hormone memberships to cater to different preferences and lifestyles.

Our annual membership option is:

  • ideal if you’re ready for a long-term commitment to hormonal health
  • comprehensive, including regular hormone treatments, personalized consultations, and consistent monitoring
  • a year-round investment in your health

We also have the option of monthly memberships if you:

  • seek flexibility or are just starting your hormone therapy journey
  • prefer to budget a monthly expenditure

By choosing the right hormone membership for you, you’re ensuring a consistent, customized approach to hormone replacement and healthy longevity. Our memberships allow you to reap all the benefits of hormone replacement therapy with less fuss. Why not make it easy to address your immediate health concerns and also make a long-term investment in your wellbeing?

After all, there’s no prize for enduring memory loss, lack of focus, irritability, lethargy, or lack of interest in sex – all of which are a result of hormone imbalance!

Let’s look at our packages for women and men separately.

For Women: Personalized Hormone Replacement Therapy

The journey of hormone replacement therapy for women can be transformative.

Fluctuating hormones often lead to discomfort and a diminished quality of life. The balance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone – and many other hormones – is crucial to not only your reproductive health but also your gut and brain health. Fluctuations in one hormone affect every other hormone in your body as they scramble to try and sort out the problems that arise! You’ve heard about hormonal imbalance. This is it!

Why suffer when you can access bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and feel well? Our memberships provide continuous access to treatments, stabilizing these fluctuations and enhancing your overall health.

Women Basic Package

The basic package is perfect if you’re starting your journey. It includes:

  • 3 pellet insertions per year
  • 3 office visits
  • free B12 package
  • 10% off supplements and lab draws

When it comes to pricing, we have various options:

  • annual: $1,375 (regular)
  • $1,252.50 (cash pre-pay with a saving of $122.50 per year)
  • $1,300 (Care Credit pre-pay per year – we are unable to discount further due to high fees)
  • monthly: $125 (includes a finance/convenience fee)

Women Active Package

We recommend the active package if you’re seeking enhanced benefits from the hormone therapy. It includes:

  • 4 pellet insertions per year
  • 4 office visits
  • free B12 package
  • 10% off supplements and lab draw

Here again, we also offer flexibility in terms of pricing:

  • annual: $1,800 (regular)
  • $1,670 (cash pre-pay per year with a saving of $130)
  • $1,730 (Care Credit pre-pay per year – we are unable to discount further due to high fees)
  • monthly: $165 (includes a finance/convenience fee)

Addressing Specific Male Hormonal Needs

Similarly, hormone replacement therapy for men targets issues like decreased testosterone levels, which can affect everything from mood to physical health. Our dedicated hormone memberships offer you a steady path to symptom improvement, leading to a more active and fulfilling life.

Our men’s package offers comprehensive hormone management and includes:

  • 2 pellet insertions per year
  • 2 office visits
  • free B12 package
  • 10% off supplements and lab draws

Just like our other packages, you can choose how you pay:

  • annually: $1,750 (regular)
  • $1,635 (cash pre-pay per year with a saving of $115)
  • $1,700 (Care Credit pre-pay per year – we are unable to discount further due to high fees)
  • monthly: $170 (includes a finance/convenience fee)

Beyond Hormone Replacement: Comprehensive Wellbeing

Our approach to hormone therapy at Evexias Denver is a comprehensive one, focused on enhancing your overall wellbeing. That’s why our hormone memberships extend beyond the administration of hormones by offering additional benefits that we strongly encourage you to take advantage of.

Let’s look at those in more detail.

Vitamin B12 package

Vitamin B12 is crucial for maintaining hormonal balance and overall health, especially during hormone replacement therapy. It aids in producing red blood cells and supports your nervous system function – which is essential for energy levels and managing mood fluctuations and fatigue.

Ensuring you have an adequate B12 intake through your diet or supplements supports your body’s energy and cognitive health. The last thing you want is to arrive in your latter years with your mind impaired.

That’s why our memberships include a complimentary B12 package to enhance your wellbeing as part of our holistic approach to hormonal health.

Supplements for Holistic Health

You’ve noticed we offer 10% off supplements in our membership packages. Why is this important?

Supplements contribute to hormonal health by providing essential nutrients that may be lacking in your diet. You may not realize it, but hormones are sensitive to nutritional imbalances! Thus, specific vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements can help restore and maintain hormonal equilibrium.

If you carefully select and integrate supplements into your wellness regimen, you can support your body’s natural hormone production and regulation. This enhances the effectiveness of your hormone replacement therapy. We’re happy to help you work out which supplements will contribute to your overall nutritional needs.

Consistent Lab Draws

These, too, are discounted in your membership package. There’s a good reason for this.

Regular blood tests are essential in hormone therapy, ensuring tailored and effective treatment for you. The draws give insight into your hormonal levels, allowing for precise adjustments and optimal outcomes. No two “bodies” are the same. Personalization and adjustment are essential in hormone therapy.

These lab draws are therefore key to personalizing your therapy and monitoring your progress – which is why we offer a discount as part of our membership packages.

Invest in a Hormone Membership Package at Evexias Denver

Committing to a hormone membership at Evexias Denver is a strategic step toward achieving the benefits of hormonal balance and overall wellbeing. By selecting one of our memberships, you’re tackling immediate health concerns and proactively investing in your long-term health.

However, it’s more than a health decision; it’s also a thoughtful financial choice. Our upfront payment options provide the peace of mind of having your health needs comprehensively covered for the upcoming year. This foresight means you keep your health and budget aligned. You’re free to enjoy life without unforeseen medical expenses or health complications.

Ready to benefit? Schedule your appointment to discover which hormone membership package is right for you.

Interested in a hormone symptom checklist to help you decide? Men click here. Women click here.

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