Nutritional Supplements HRT(E) and HRT(T)

July 12, 2022 0 Comments Kristin Davis
Nutritional supplements HRT(E) and HRT(T) against a background of a woman stretching in the sun
July 12th, 2022 0 Comments

Nutritional supplements – they sound so inviting and good for us! And then we realize that for the most part we can give our bodies what they need simply by eating a wide variety of healthy foods. Besides which, there’s such a huge amount of supplements to choose from, all slightly different. It’s easier to learn Ancient Greek than what those scientific names mean!

So you might be wondering why we’re mentioning two nutritional supplements today – EvexiPEL’s HRT Complete E and HRT Complete T.

There’s a good reason – they’re different! But let’s start with two questions:

  • Have you been taking bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)?
  • And if so, is it working as well as you’d hoped?

If the answer to the first question is yes, and if your answer to the second is “I can’t be sure,” chances are this article is just the thing you should read.

We’ve written about BHRT many times and answered many questions, so let’s assume you’re about to start with BHRT pellet therapy or are already comfortable using it. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the role of HRT(E) and HRT(T) and how it can help you on your BHRT journey.

The Role of Nutritional Supplements

You’ll know that a nutritional supplement aims to support the body when it can’t do so naturally. For example, you might take vitamins D or B12 to supplement your diagnosed low levels. You might take turmeric or iron tablets for similar reasons.

Always consult a medical practitioner, though, before you go take supplements – especially if you take more than one. It’s best to be safe!

That said, EvexiPEL HRT Complete T and HRT Complete E are a little different in their aim.

The point of these two nutritional supplements is that they help ensure you get maximum benefit from those BHRT pellets! In addition, HRT(T) and HRT(E) contain an extra ingredient in each, extra to those implied by “Complete,” and this means you’ll not only be utilizing and metabolizing the pellets to their full but getting some extra benefits.

And as a result, you’ll soon be able to answer that question about whether BHRT is working as well for you as you hoped!

So let’s deep dive into the details of these two nutritional supplements.

EvexiPEL HRT Complete

You’ve accepted that BHRT pellets will make a difference to all those symptoms you were struggling with. And that the replacement natural hormones fit neatly into your own receptors because they derive from plant sources.

But you also need to make sure you have all the nutrients your body needs to use those hormones (and your own!) to their full potential.

That’s why EvexiPEL HRT Complete works hand in glove with BHRT to rebalance your hormones perfectly.

Moreover, this Complete formula works against “bad” forms of estrogen and supports the hormone metabolism of “good” estrogen. In everyday terms, this means it reduces the threat of breast cancer and prostate cancer and brings in some anti-aging benefits and a guard against some diseases. What’s not to like?

Let’s review what’s in both versions of HRT Complete and then move on to those two special ingredients in the T and E versions.

What’s Included in HRT Complete?

DIM (diindolylmethane) – Typically found in common vegetable plants, like broccoli and kale. Eating these in normal amounts doesn’t provide enough DIM, so having them through supplements is better for your health.  

Sulforaphane – Also commonly found in cruciferous plants. This is a good source of antioxidants and fights off inflammation in the body. Bonus fact: scientists are studying sulforaphane for cancer treatments.  

CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) – Another antioxidant our bodies produce naturally, but which decreases over time with age. CoQ10 supports heart, brain, and cell health, as well as speed of hormone metabolism. And so much more!

B Vitamins (B6, B12, Folate) – Vitamin B is a very common supplement because many people don’t produce enough of it in their bodies on their own. Vitamin B supplements, as well as all other ingredients listed here, are incredibly safe, especially when taken under the direction and guidance of a medical professional.  

So – What About Those Special Ingredients in HRT(T) and HRT(E)?

First up, PrimaVie® in HRT(T)

PrimaVie is a novel compound but an important one, because studies show it raises free testosterone levels – and it achieves this at the dose EvexiPEL has put into your HRT Complete T.

Sounds simple. But its history is interesting! Just imagine for a minute this scenario: You extract shilajit from Himalayan mountain rock and then find you can make a purified, aqueous extract that helps with hormone rebalancing! Inventions are sometimes amazing.

But what’s the effect when you take this nutritional supplement as well as your BHRT pellets?

The answer is this: PrimaVie is chock full of antioxidants and provides them directly to your body. It helps you to absorb other antioxidants like CoQ10, and in addition, it promotes energy and healthy aging as well as offering a good increase in testosterone levels.

Second up, FenusSMART® in HRT(E)

FenusSMART, on the other hand, results from a scientist investigating what we can gain nutritionally from the seeds of a herb called fenugreek.

In fact, there are several benefits to adding FenusSMART to your EvexiPEL Complete HRT(E). It can:

  • relieve you of the worst of those hot flashes
  • support you in better sleep patterns
  • improve your mood and libido
  • help support healthy estrogen levels
  • ward off insulin resistance

This last one is important. You want your blood sugar to get into your cells and fuel your energy. When it can’t (because of insulin resistance), you often gain weight – which can also lead to hormone imbalance, in a vicious circle.

FenusSMART is a unique, valuable formula, and for this reason it’s in your HRT(E) nutritional supplement to support your BHRT pellets.

Ready for Some Special Nutritional Supplements? 

At Evexias Medical Centers, we can help you decide exactly which supplements will be the best for your unique body. Of course, EvexiPEL HRT(T) and HRT(E) are no ordinary supplements – they contain exactly what you need to support you on your BHRT pellet therapy journey. And your wellness is our passion! So let us help you make the most of your BHRT and feel your best. Schedule your consultation today!

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We show you how these nutritional supplements ensure your body can metabolize and utilize your BHRT pellets well. Each has a special added ingredient in addition to the EvexiPEL Complete formula.