What Are My Weight Loss Options for 2024?

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Losing weight can be challenging, especially if you’ve tried many diets and exercise programs without seeing lasting results. If you’re looking for effective weight loss options, we got you!

But before we start, let’s make one thing clear: Doctors have recently begun to call obesity a “disease.” Think about it – all 42% of U.S. adults living with obesity can’t be lazy, lacking in willpower, unwilling to forgo poor food choices, or otherwise preferring to risk their overall health for a chocolate cookie!

Evidence is starting to come in that when you can’t shed the pounds you need to, something in your gut-brain axis is not working well. So, don’t give up. Don’t feel guilty or a failure. One of our options will help you.

Let’s dive in and discuss the different weight loss options we have for you at Evexias Denver:

  • Super B Slim Boost
  • Hormone therapy
  • Semaglutide and Tirzepatide (Mounjaro)
  • Managing weight loss post-Semaglutide

But first a quick review of a good basic lifestyle option…

The Basic Weight Loss Option: Diet and Exercise

It’s a good first option – and also a healthy one – to make daily food and exercise choices that help you create a calorie deficit. This entails:

  • a balanced diet low in fat and sugar and high in protein and fiber
  • physical activity for 30 minutes every day
  • limited alcohol consumption

Remember that balance is important in dieting. More extreme diets are not effective in the long term because they can lack sustainability: At some point, if you’re losing weight too quickly, your body’s metabolism adjusts to defend the fat level it thinks it needs!

When making changes to your diet and exercise routine don’t work for you, you may need to consider other weight loss options to boost your metabolism, reduce your appetite, and improve your health. These are our recommended ones at Evexias Denver.

Super B Slim Boost: Weight Loss Option with Natural Ingredients

One of your promising weight loss options for 2024 is Super B Slim Boost, a dietary supplement containing a blend of natural ingredients, such as:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B3
  • Inositol
  • Vitamin B5
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)
  • Methionine
  • Choline
  • Vitamin B12

All these ingredients work together so that Super B Slim Boost can

  • increase your energy,
  • help burn fat,
  • suppress your appetite,
  • support your immune system and brain function, and
  • accelerate your weight loss.

Hormone Therapy to Restore Metabolic Balance

Hormonal imbalances can significantly influence your weight gain and make shedding pounds tougher for you. Here’s a quick rundown of the main hormonal players:

  1. Insulin is the blood sugar-regulating hormone. At high levels, it causes insulin resistance, often linked to obesity and weight loss challenges.
  2. Chronically high levels of cortisol, known as the stress hormone, can trigger overeating and slow metabolism.
  3. Leptin is produced by fat cells to signal fullness, and leptin resistance can lead to overeating and weight gain.
  4. Ghrelin is produced in the stomach. It can increase appetite and make losing weight harder when in excess.
  5. Thyroid hormones are responsible for metabolism, and when they’re at low levels, they lead to slowed metabolism and weight gain.
  6. Imbalances in sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone) can affect your weight and body composition in both men and women.

Correcting hormonal imbalances often necessitates bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT), which includes hormones that are molecularly identical to those naturally produced by your body.

One effective addition to hormone therapy is the supplement HRT Complete(E), a potent blend of vitamins, natural compounds, and nutrients specifically formulated to support hormone metabolism.

However, HRT Complete(E) is not only beneficial for achieving hormonal equilibrium but also plays a crucial role in preventing insulin resistance. Incorporating it into your regimen can reduce the risk of diabetes and weight gain.

Weight Loss Options: Semaglutide and Tirzepatide

Semaglutide and Tirzepatide (Mounjaro) are two of the most effective (and well-known!) weight loss drugs. They both belong to a class of medications called glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists that mimic the actions of a naturally occurring hormone in your body called GLP-1.

This hormone plays a crucial role in regulating your blood sugar levels and appetite. As you’ll have noticed, these medications have become game-changers for weight loss and improving insulin sensitivity – and are FDA-approved for obesity treatment.

If you’re one of those people who find fat loss and losing weight challenging, they can help you with:

  • Suppressing your appetite and causing you to reduce your food intake.
  • Improving insulin sensitivity and helping your body use it more effectively.
  • Slowing down the emptying of your stomach, making you feel full for longer.

Managing Your Weight After Semaglutide

But maybe you’ve already achieved your weight loss goals with Semaglutide or Mounjaro and are considering coming off it?

It’s normal to be worried you might gain the weight back – but there’s no need for despair. The good news is there are innovative supplements available to not only help maintain your current target weight but also potentially aid in further weight loss. Let’s look at these next.

MitoCORE Protein Blend for energy and wellness

This comprehensive option is more than just a multivitamin; it combines antioxidants and cofactors designed to support mitochondrial function during weight loss. Efficient mitochondrial function is critical to boosting cellular energy.

The MitoCORE Protein Blend is an easily digestible meal replacement protein shake, making it a convenient and effective choice if you’re seeking to sustain your wellness and energy levels post-Semaglutide.

HiPhenolic for weight loss and appetite control

As a GLP-1 agonist, HiPhenolic is scientifically proven to enhance satiety and reduce body fat, making it an ideal choice for long-term weight maintenance. Once you’ve reached your target weight, incorporating HiPhenolic can help prevent that rebound weight gain you fear.

It’s also versatile enough to be used alongside Semaglutide – offering flexibility in your weight management strategy.

Discover Weight Loss Options at Evexias Denver

The future is promising regarding weight loss when the going is tough and you’ve tried hard to become healthier. Many other potential weight loss drugs are in research and testing stages, some of which may offer even more benefits and fewer side effects than the current ones.

If you’re looking for up-to-date information and support, at Evexias Denver we’re committed to providing the best and healthiest weight loss options for you, so you can live your best life. Your wellness is our passion!

Our team will also provide personalized guidance and care throughout your journey. What’s not to love? Call us today and let’s talk!

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