When and How Are Neurotoxins Beneficial?

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Have you been struggling with a mental clash between the word “neurotoxins” and a longing to have some kind of treatment like Botox or Xeomin? We’re not surprised. A toxin is not the first thing you think of when you want to smooth out wrinkles or remove some of the other signs of aging!

So today we’re going clear up any worries about being poisoned and then concentrate on when and how you can benefit from these specific neurotoxins.

Let’s Start With a Story

We all know that breathing in mold spores is toxic. Damp bed-sits, lack of ventilation – we’ve heard of the dangers. Yet back in 1928, in the UK, Alexander Fleming found a lump of mold on one of his petri dishes. The petri dishes were full of bacteria. Yet around the mold, none grew! The mold seemed to have secreted a “juice” that stopped bacteria in their tracks: a rare strain of penicillium notatum.

You’ve guessed! From this toxic mold juice, scientists eventually refined penicillin – and developed it in the U.S. on a large scale to kick off the fight against the world’s worst infections of the time.

In a similar way – and equally beneficial to us – scientists developed and refined Botox from the neurotoxin botulinum type A. Fun fact 1: A couple of doctors from Vancouver were the first to use it cosmetically!

And since then, Xeomin has been added to the ranks.

The development of beneficial toxins doesn’t stop there, either. Fun fact 2: Scientists are currently assessing how to use bacteriocins (they’re toxins secreted by bacteria!) to target those superbugs that resist our current antibiotics.

So – have we convinced you that toxins and neurotoxins are not all bad? Some of them are carefully refined products that are safe to use for all sorts of benefits. Let’s move on!

Neurotoxins Botox and Xeomin: When and How Are They Beneficial?

1 When Are Neurotoxins Beneficial?

We’ve established that when neurotoxins are in a refined form, they can be beneficial. Not every treatment will always be the right one for you. But in general you can safely answer the “when” question by saying that refined versions of botulinum type A – Botox and Xeomin – are beneficial when

  • a respected manufacturer prepares them to strict standards,
  • the FDA approves them for certain uses, and
  • a competent and experienced health professional assesses and administers them.

However, maybe you were wondering when would be too young or too old to benefit?

You can use Botox and Xeomin both preventatively and reactively, so there’s no definite age limit for their use except that

  • Botox is approved for over 18s – and under 65s will benefit most, and
  • Xeomin is recommended for over-18s.

But you should not use Botox or Xeomin if you’re

  • pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • severely afraid of needles and injections, or
  • have neurological impairments.

So always consult with a medical professional who knows your medical history.

But let’s assume you’re in your 20s or 30s and you’ve been wondering if it’s risky to start using neurotoxins when you’re still young. After all, your skin glows with youth! The good news is that if you don’t yet have lines or wrinkles, you’ll be giving yourself a jump start in the anti-aging process!

And even if you’ve only noticed some very early fine lines, a few injections over time can prevent them becoming full-blown wrinkles.

On the other hand, if you’re older and have already added some deep skin lines or wrinkles to your facial armory, don’t give up! Come and talk with us at Evexias Denver and we’ll see if and how you can benefit.

2 How Are Neurotoxins Beneficial?

The main “how” is that both Botox and Xeomin temporarily and safely freeze small areas of the nervous system to prevent those wrinkles and lines from forming when you frown, smile, or grimace etc. And that’s what you were looking for!

On the other hand, are you mostly worried about what others see? The popular spots for visible benefits include your

  • eyes: crow’s feet
  • nose: wrinkles
  • mouth and chin: skin creases
  • forehead: both vertical and horizontal lines

With an experienced provider, you’ll walk away with a natural look that you know has had the treatment, but that no one else notices as “treated.”

Another way you benefit is that the procedure is non-invasive so there’s no recovery time. Your provider will give you some advice, but you can go about your life straight away.

However, if you’re concerned about exactly the look you want, do ask your provider about whether Xeomin or Botox is most appropriate for the look you want. Xeomin is a different formulation of the same neurotoxin. It has no protein additives – making it a so-called “naked” form of the neurotoxin that has some specific benefits. For instance, you may not develop a resistance to it, and some people report that it feels lighter.

And also, because of having no additives, it’s suitable for vegans. Just mentioning that bonus in passing!

However, neurotoxins can do more than help you stave off those wrinkles and lines. They can also treat muscle spasms, stiffness, and excessive sweating – things that also commonly happen with age, but could happen to anyone regardless of age. 

And the final “how will you benefit” for today? Neurotoxins are gender-neutral – meaning whether you’re a man or a woman, you can take up the fight against the more obvious and annoying effects of aging.

Ready to Get Started?

Here, at Evexias Medical Denver, your health and wellness are our top priority. Our team takes pride in offering you individual care, and we provide both types of neurotoxins discussed above. Do have a longer read about each in our blog: Botox and Xeomin.

There’s nothing scary about these neurotoxins – and we always discuss, assess, and monitor the best solution for you. Why not schedule your consultation today?

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When and How Are Neurotoxins Beneficial?
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