BHRT and Supplements: Get Back to Optimal Health

November 11, 2020 0 Comments Kristin Davis
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November 11th, 2020 0 Comments

Although bio-identical hormone replacement pellet therapy (BHRT) works wonders on its own, it’s more effective when backed by nutritional supplements.

Think of BHRT as the lead singer of the band. For example, the lead singer can only do so much without their trusty band.

In this case, the band consists of the processes in your body that support hormone metabolism. They need support too! They need roadies to set up, break down, and maintain the equipment.

This is where supplements come in. For instance, they are the roadies that set the stage for BHRT. And, they allow your body processes to effectively metabolize and use hormones.

HRT-Complete Supplement

You can take supplements separately. However, we find it is easier and more effective for patients to use supplements formulated with this specific task in mind.

Our favorite is HRT-Complete. The ingredients in HRT-Complete help the body process and use hormones efficiently. They set the stage for the long term benefits and optimal health that result from balanced hormones.

It Removes the Bad and Supports the Good

We recommend HRT-Complete formula because it removes “bad” forms of estrogen that threaten breast and prostate health. It also supports your metabolism of “good” estrogen, which can prevent disease and offer anti-aging benefits.

How Does It Support Pellet Therapy?

The body processes that work hand-in-hand with pellet therapy need some extra support to do it well. The HRT-Complete formula includes vital nutrients that the body needs to metabolize hormones efficiently and optimize the benefits of pellet therapy.

These nutrients support:

  • Estrogen balance (in both men and women)
  • Healthy testosterone levels (in both men and women)
  • Prostate and breast health
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Weight management
  • Mitochondrial health
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Brain function and mood

The Best Support Team Available

Each ingredient in the HRT-Complete formula plays a part in supporting hormone metabolism and balance.

DIM (diindolylmethane)

Cruciferous plants, like broccoli, kale, and cabbage, contain DIM, which is a plant compound. You would need to eat 7 lbs. of these vegetables to get the same health benefits from them as from a DIM supplement.

DIM supports:

  • Antioxidant activation
  • Estrogen metabolism
  • Inflammation control
  • Detoxification processes


Cruciferous plants contain sulforaphane. It plays a key role in:

  • The metabolism of estrogen
  • Activating antioxidants
  • Warding off inflammation and diabetes
  • Supporting kidney, heart, lung, brain, and bone health

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

CoQ10 levels naturally decline as we age. And, this antioxidant supports:

  • Energy production
  • Mitochondrial health
  • Heart and brain health

Also, CoQ10 may promote the metabolism of fat and cholesterol, which is essential for hormone balance.

Methylated B Vitamins (B6, B12, Folate)

HRT-Complete includes three “body ready” B vitamins:

  • Pyridoxyl-5-Phosphate (vitamin B6)
  • Methylcobalamin (vitamin B12)
  • Quatrefolic® (folate)

These key nutrients are critical because they support the liver, where your body metabolizes estrogen. And, they also encourage the production of enzymes necessary for estrogen conversion.

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